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  • November 2023 - 2023 Report to the Community, Over $300,000 Awarded in Grants, and More!
  • October 2023 - NEW Veterans Fund, Scholarships, Grant Opportunities, and More!
  • September 2023 - NEW Elmwood Cemetery Fund, Scholarships Awarded, Promise Grant Opportunity, and More!
  • August 2023 - NEW Cindy Graves Nursing Fund, Recurring Donations, Grant Opportunities, Give DeKalb County Snapshot, and More!
  • July 2023 - Excellence in Education Awards, Addressing Youth Issues, Grant Opportunities, and More!
  • June 2023 - Wehrli Scholarship Fund (New), Two Library Funds (New), $300,000 in Grants, and More!
  • June 2023_SPOTLIGHT - 2022 Annual Report - Generosity Across Generations
  • May 2023 - Jeri Delaney Memorial Fund (New), Give DeKalb County Update, $34,725 in Grant Distributions, and More!
  • April 2023 - Meet Mohammed Labadi, Illinois Creative Recovery Grants, Scholarships, and More!
  • March 2023 - New Fund ('Mr. G' Scholarship), Meet Dahlia Roman, Give DeKalb County, and More
  • February 2023 - New Fund (DHS Alumni Scholarship), Scholarships Open, Give DeKalb County Info, and More!
  • January 2023 - New Fund (Friends of Jon), Fundiversaries, Spring Grant Opportunities, and More!


  • December 2022 - New Lockard Family Fund, $297,422 in Grants Awarded, QCD Questions, and More!
  • November 2022 - Welcome Jolene Willis, Grants for Kindergarten Toolkits, Generosity Across Generations, and More!
  • November 2022_Spotlight edition - Generosity Across Generations – Thank you! - Report to the Community 2022
  • October 2022 - New Kirkland-Fairdale Fund, $195,000 in Scholarships Awarded, New Fund Supports Horticulture, and More!
  • September 2022 -Grants In Action, Scholarships Awarded, Open Grant Opportunity, and More!
  • August 2022 - New Fund for Hinckley, $20,000 City Grant, Grant Opportunities, and More!
  • July 2022_SPOTLIGHT - We're Hiring - Foundation Seeks Grant Director!
  • July 2022 - Hayes Family Fund, Friends of JAMS Fund, Education Awards, Grant Opportunities, and More!
  • June 2022 - Annual Report, Give DeKalb County Record, $127,506 in Music Grants Distributed, and More!
  • May 2022 - New Funds, Give DeKalb County Update, $173,478 in Grants Distributed for DeKalb County, and More!
  • April 2022 - New Board Members, New Funds, Scholarships, and More!
  • March 2022_SPOTLIGHT - Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Roadmap!
  • March 2022 - New Funds, $10,000 Awarded in Promise Grants, New Scholarship Opportunities, Thank You Tim Suter and Sally Bruch, and More!
  • February 2022 - In this issue: New Funds, Thank You Board Members, Grant Opportunities, Give DeKalb County, and More!
  • January 2022 - In this issue: Don and Faith Cook Community Fund, Adam Joseph Nanzer Memorial Fund, Thank You Amie Carey, Thank you Roger Maas, Grant Opportunities, and More!