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  • November 2020_Spotlight Edition - Responding to COVID-19 Tier 3 Mitigations for Illinois
  • November 2020 - 2020 Report to the Community (Seasons of Giving), Alum Updates, Grant Opportunities, and More!
  • October 2020 - COVID-19 Response Grants, Recognizing Local Educators, Empower and Educate, and More!
  • September 2020 - Masters Scholarship Recipients, Nominations for Educators, the 2020 Board of Directors, and More!
  • August 2020_Spotlight Edition - 2019 Annual Report
  • August 2020 - Internship Stories, COVID-19 Response, Grant Opportunities, and More!
  • July 2020 - Impact from COVID-19 Response Grants, Addressing Youth Issues in the Community, and More!
  • June 2020 - Over $1.2 Million Distributed to Local Organizations in Grants, Local Educators Recognized, and More!
  • May 2020 - Over $1 Million Raised for Local Nonprofits, 1,530 Kindergarten Readiness Toolkits Awarded, and More!
  • May 2020_Spotlight Edition - Give DeKalb County
  • April 2020 - Giving Options for Give DeKalb County, Welcome David Castle, COVID-19 Response Grants, and More!
  • April 2020_Spotlight Edition - DeKalb County COVID-19 Response Grants
  • March 2020_Spotlight Edition - Our Response to COVID-19
  • March 2020 - Curtis Family Fund, Thank You Kristina Garcia, Scholarship Opportunities, Welcome Brenda Jergens, and More!
  • February 2020 - Keleher Family Scholarship Fund, Thank You LaVerne Gyant, Scholarship & Grant Opportunities, and More!
  • January 2020 - New Pennies Fund, Thank You Kevin McArtor, $120,800 in Grants Awarded, Scholarship & Grant Opportunities, and More!


  • December 2019 - Caryl Steimel Fund, Schelkopf Family Fund, Grants Available, $150,360 in Fall Grants Awarded, and More!
  • November 2019 - New Funds Honor Veterans and Support Vocational Education, Masters Scholarship Recipients, Report to the Community, and More!
  • October 2019 - Jeffrey A. Trial Fund, Pritchard Fund, Promise Grants, Education Award Nominations, and More!
  • September 2019 - Sharon Kay (Kinczewski) Conlin Memorial Fund, Education Award Nominations, Nonprofit Essential Training, and More!
  • August 2019 - Charles Krull Music Scholarship Fund, 2018 Annual Report, Stories of Generosity, Grant Opportunities, and More!
  • July 2019_Spotlight Edition - 2018 Annual Report - Celebrating 25 Years
  • July 2019 - Fund Honors Gina M. Delmont, Stories of Generosity (July), Fall Grant Opportunities, and More!
  • June 2019 - $992,962 in Community Distributions, Stories of Generosity (June), Available Scholarships, and More!
  • May 2019 - Give DeKalb County Update, May Stories of Generosity, Available Scholarships, Welcome New Board Members, and More!
  • April 2019 - Stories of Generosity, Renaissance and Spinoso Masters Scholarship, Board Member Recognition, and More!
  • March 2019 - Gregory B. Widerberg and Chuck Criswell Memorial Funds, VIDEO - Celebration Dinner, Excellence in Education awards, and More!
  • February 2019 - Karen & Joseph Grush Charitable Fund, New Fund Portal and Online Giving Platform, Scholarship & Grant Opportunities, and More!
  • January 2019 - New Directors Announced, Grant Opportunities, Lil' Sam Joy Fund, and More!


  • December 2018 - Celebrating 25 Years VIDEO, Anita's Retirement Open House, $73,300 in Grants Awarded, and more!
  • December 2018_Spotlight Edition - Only A Few Weeks Left - Stronger Together Campaign Update
  • November 2018 - 2018 Report to the Community, Meet the Mitchell Brothers, Investing in Nonprofits, and more!
  • November 2018_Spotlight Edition - We are Stronger Together!
  • October 2018 - Sycamore Residents Pay it Forward, We're Hiring, Countdown to Final Celebration Grants, and more!
  • September 2018_Spotlight Edition - Zurbrugg Announces Retirement from Community Foundation
  • September 2018 - Welcome Marc Hooks, New Gift of Grain Option, New Fund for DeKalb Women's Center, and more!
  • August 2018 - New Fund Honors Jack Shrout, YEP Begins 10th Year, Current Grant Opportunities, 25th Anniversary Update, and more!
  • July 2018 - Sheldon & Betty Kesner Fund, $206,000+ in Grants Awarded, 25th Anniversary Update, We're Hiring, and more!
  • July 2018_Spotlight Edition - We're Hiring a Grants & Community Initiatives Manager
  • June 2018_Spotlight Edition - Annual Impact Report 2017
  • June 2018 - Curt and Karen Lang Fund, 25th Anniversary Activities, Welcome Christine Johnson, and more!
  • May 2018 - Farewell to Becky Zantout, The Light Show, Deborah and Colin Booth Fund, Welcome Karen Grush, and more!
  • April 2018 - 25th Anniversary Celebration Activities, New Board Member Joe Mitchell, Sycamore Depot Light Show, and more!
  • March 2018 - New Funds, Excellence in Education Awards, Thank You Donna Larson, Scholarship Opportunities, and more!
  • February 2018 - Come Join the Fun(d), Available Scholarship & Grant Opportunities, Thank you Alethia Hummel, and more!
  • January 2018 - Introducing the Turner Family Charitable Fund, Grant Opportunities, Meet Moriah Stice, and more!

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