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Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Fund Recommendation For Grant Distribution Form

Income from a donor advised fund is granted to charitable 501(c)3 organizations. Grant distribution recommendations are made by the donor through the Donor Advised Fund Recommendation Form and reviewed by the Foundation for final approval.

To discuss your charitable interests or to give back to the community by establishing a Fund of your own, please contact Executive Director Dan Templin at 815-748-5383 or dan@dekalbccf.org.

Victor F. Barresi Memorial Fund
In memory of Victor, his family established this Fund in order to continue his practice of giving back to the community that he loved.
Bob & Pam Bowman Fund
Established in early November 2016 by Bob & Pam Bowman, this Fund provides a way of giving back to the community. Learn more.
Michael C. Brown Memorial Endowment Fund
Honoring Michael Brown, this fund provides his family with grant funds to make a variety of charitable gifts in the community.
Chulick Family Fund
Created in December 2015 by Tony and Micki Chulick of DeKalb to align with their philanthropic interests for the community. Learn more.
Curran Family Endowment Fund
Started in 2007 with a lead gift from Bill and Pat Curran of Sycamore, this new endowment will allow the Currans, their children and their families the opportunity to make annual contributions to charitable causes that matter to them.
Jim Dionisopoulos and Tana Knetsch Fund
Started in December 2012 to support the causes that align with the charitable interests of Jim Dionisopoulos and Tana Knetsch.
Mary Lou and Phil Eubanks Fund
This fund, established in December 2014, supports the charitable interests of Mary Lou and Phil Eubanks.
First Midwest Charitable Impact Fund
Provides philanthropic support that aligns with the charitable interests of First Midwest Bank, formerly NB&T. This fund will be used to help area nonprofits go the extra distance in meeting local needs. Learn more.
Gary & Joan Hanson Fund
Created in October 2016 to align with the philanthropic interests of Gary and Joan Hanson in the community.
James K. and Loretta M. Hipple Family Fund
Started in 2014 to facilitate the charitable interests of Jim and Loretta Hipple and their family.
Horizons Unlimited Castle Advised Fund
The donor provides annual advice as to the expenditure of income from this fund which was established in 1995.
Tom and Barbara Hulseberg Fund
This fund was established in 1997 to benefit the visual arts within the county, as a memorial to Mr. Hulseberg.
Johns Family Donor Advised Fund
Created in 2003 to support the charitable interest of the Johns family.
Keleher Family Endowment Fund
To support causes that align with the charitable interests of the Keleher family.
Larson Family Fund
This fund was established in 2011 and will allow the Larsons, their children, and their families the opportunity to make annual contributions to charitable causes that matter to them.
Karsten Larson Fund
To provide grants to non-profit and community organizations as recommended by former YEP Chair Karsten Larson. Established in 2012.
W. Bruce Lincoln Memorial Fund
This new fund started in 2004 will allow Dr. Lincoln’s family to make recommendations that focus on causes that were important to the late NIU professor and historian.
Robert and Phyllis Miller Family Fund
This Somonauk farm couple want to give back to their community, and this new fund, established in 2003, will enable them to make recommendations to aid various civic projects in the greater Somonauk area.
Jay & Lynn Montgomery Fund
Created to align with their charitable interests of Jay and Lynn Montgomery, longtime Sycamore residents with a desire to give back to the community they love. Learn more.
Bill and Bonnie Mullins Family Endowment Fund
During his term as president of the Community Foundation in 2006, Bill and his wife Bonnie started this endowment to provide a means for their family to make annual distributions to local charitable causes.
Marjorie A. Nelsen Fund
The family of Marge Nelsen of DeKalb, who spent a lifetime in volunteer service, started this fund in 2001. The format of the fund will enable Marge‘s family to annually designate the specific beneficiary of the payout.
Promise Fund/el Fondo De La Promesa Fund
The primary purpose of this fund, established by Jack & Eloise Kaeck, in 2001, will be to provide support for underserved minority populations in the DeKalb County community.
Jerry and Ging Smith Family Fund
In 2004 this long-time couple , along with their son Eric, will make yearly recommendations to the Foundation to support various community needs. Initial distributions are expected to include NIU, from where all three Smiths received their education, and Kishwaukee College, where Ging spent the majority of her working career.
Francis and Marjory Stroup Community Endowment Fund
This fund, established in 2006 shortly before Marjory's death, will allow Mr. Stroup and his family to advise the annual distribution for community charitable recipients.
Jo Ann and Robert Skabo Fund
Established in 2014 this fund facilitates the charitable interests of Jo Ann and Bob Skabo.
Sycamore Containers Fund
Established in 1996, this fund provides contributions to nonprofit organizations as suggested by the company each year.
Mary Uscian Health Care Access Endowment Fund
Created in 2006, this fund supports the medically underserved in the DeKalb County community.
Mary Uscian Health Care Impact Fund
This fund was created in 2012, this fund supports the charitable interests of the donor.
Thomas Warren and Friends Fund
This fund was started in 2012 to support the charitable interests of Thomas Warren and Friends.
Farny R. Wurlitzer Foundation Fund
Established in 2012 to support the charitable interests of the Farny R. Wurlitzer Foundation Board of Advisors. Learn more.
David A. Wirsing Community Endowment Fund
Following the late State Representative’s death in 2003, widow Nancy and children Mark, Angie, Sue, and Steven decided that such a fund would allow them to support causes in the DeKalb County area that reflect community interests important to Dave.

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