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Designated Funds

Designated Funds are established to provide grants to organizations, nonprofits or institutions named by the donor. These Funds provide much needed support and resources both now and in the future.

To discuss your philanthropic interests or to give back to the community by establishing a Fund of your own, please contact Executive Director Dan Templin at 815-748-5383 or dan@dekalbccf.org.

Donate online to any Fund at the Community Foundation in a few easy steps. Gifts of all sizes are welcome. Together we are leaving a legacy of love and support.

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Administrative Endowment Funds

These endowed Funds provide annual operating support to the DeKalb County Community Foundation.

  • Tony and Micki Chulick Community Leadership Fund
  • DCCF Leadership Administrative Fund
  • Tim Dunlop Administrative Endowment Fund
  • First Midwest Bank Administrative Endowment Fund
  • Charlie and Patty Foster Community Leadership Fund
  • Kishwaukee Kiwanis Club Community Leadership Fund
  • Bill and Bonnie Mullins Administrative Endowment Fund
  • Northern Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine DCCF Administrative Fund
  • Bob and Mary Pritchard Community Leadership Fund
  • John and Betty Roberts Community Foundation Administrative Fund
  • Jerry Smith Community Foundation Administrative Endowment Fund
  • Robert and Norma Wildenradt Community Leadership Fund
Aikins Theatre Arts Award Fund
This fund benefits a woman enrolled in the Theatre Arts program at Northern Illinois University. This fund was started in 2007 by local residents Jerry and Annette Johns, in tandem with Janet Aikins Yount, the latter of whom is the daughter of Harold and Lucille Aikins, long-time DeKalb citizens and strong supporters of local theatre.
Donald 'Tank' Anderson Fund
Created in memory of Donald "Tank" Anderson, this fund provides support to the DeKalb Wrestling Club inc. (DeKalb County, IL) and provides a scholarship award to a graduating senior from DeKalb High School.
James Richard Andrews Graduate Student Clinical Award
Created by friends, colleagues, and former students, this fund will provide an annual award to a second-year graduate student in Speech-Language Pathology at Northern Illinois University. Learn more.
Emma Anderson Fund
Provides scholarships to students attending Kishwaukee Community College with preference given to student athletes, particularly students from Sycamore High School.
Adra W. Baker Gallagher Fund
The income from this fund, established in 1998, is used for the Waterman Area Heritage Society.
J. Barr Designated Endowment Fund
The income from this fund, started in 1998, is used by St. Mary Church in DeKalb to support its Adult Education Program.
Ben Gordon Center Endowment Fund
Established in 2002, this fund provides financial support to the Ben Gordon Center in its mission of providing mental health services to residents of DeKalb County.
Bertram Animal Shelter Endowment Fund
Started with a gift from the estate of Roger Bertram, in 2002. The DeKalb County Animal Shelter in Genoa benefits from yearly distributions from this fund.
John G. Boyle Oak Crest Scholarship Fund
Provides funds for Oak Crest to award scholarships to employees and/or employees' families.
Lillian Boynton Library Book Endowment Fund
This fund was started with the initial payout, from the Lillian S. Boynton Fund, in 2002, and is used by the Sycamore Public Library exclusively for new book purchases.
Lillian S. Boynton Memorial Fund
This fund, started in 2000, a bequest from the estate of Mrs. Boynton, a long-time Sycamore businesswoman who died in late 1998, benefits five area organizations. Annual fund income is distributed to Shriners Hospital, as a memorial to Mrs. Boynton’s late husband, Elmer; to Sycamore Public Library, for book purchases; to Sycamore High School, for two annual scholarships; to The Salvation Army, for utilization within DeKalb County, and to Kishwaukee Health Foundation, to be used for purchasing equipment at Kishwaukee Community Hospital.
Joseph and Evelyn Bussone Endowment Fund
Sycamore's St. Mary's Church and School will benefit from this endowment, started in 2006 by the Bussones, long-time Sycamore residents and St. Mary parishioners.
Lois L. Callahan Fund
For the General John Stark Chapter DAR of DeKalb County to utilize for scholarships..
Children’s Learning Center Fund
This fund started in 2000 and is used to support the activities of the DeKalb child care facility.
Community Coordinated Child Care (4-c) Fund
The 4-C’s Board of Directors determine the use of this fund’s annual revenue. This fund started in 2000.
Cornerstone Christian Academy Fund
Created through the generosity of Bud and Debra Burgin, this fund will provide ongoing support to Cornerstone Christian Academy to continue their mission of providing each student a comprehensive education, based on God’s truth, while building stronger relationships among parents, staff, and students. Learn more.
Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Endowment Fund
This fund was established in 1998 for the support of the CASA program, which trains volunteers to advocate for abused and/or neglected children in DeKalb County.
Coveny and Whalen Family Designated Endowment Fund
Established by Anna Marie Coveny, this fund, started in 2000, is a memorial tribute to deceased family members and will generate income to support the art gallery program of the DeKalb Area Women’s Center.
DeKalb Area Women’s Center Endowment Fund
This fund was started in 2000 by several D.A.W.C. board members, as a fund geared to provide support for the facility located on DeKalb’s East State Street.
DeKalb Bicentennial Fund
The primary purpose of the fund shall be to provide unrestricted supplemental financial support for the DeKalb Bicentennial Celebration, occurring during the year 2056 in DeKalb, IL. The funds can be used at the discretion of the planning committee responsible for DeKalb’s Bicentennial Celebration.
DeKalb County 4-H Foundation Fund
This new fund was started, in 2002, with a gift from the estate of JoAnn Aufdenkamp, a former Northern Illinois University librarian whose philanthropic interests were rooted in her agricultural upbringing. The fund will provide yearly distributions to the local 4-H youth organization.
Dekalb County Excellence In Education Award Fund
Long-time Sycamore teacher Yvonne Johnson established this fund in 1999, to honor excellence in education among teachers, administrators and support staff. Ms. Johnson presents the awards to five DeKalb County educators at an Excellence in Education ceremony each year. The endowment provides five $1,000 awards annually. Learn more.
DeKalb County Farmland Foundation Fund
To provide financial support for the DeKalb County Farmland Foundation organization (or any successor designee) to defend and/or purchase agricultural/conservation easements in which they have an oversight role.
DeKalb County Farmland Foundation Simonson Scholarship Fund
This fund was created to provide financial support solely and exclusively for the DeKalb County Farmland Foundation organization (or any successor designee) to distribute as scholarships to students according to their internal policies, eligibility criteria, and practices.
DeKalb Leadership Academy Community Fund
A DeKalb Chamber of Commerce-sponsored program, its Leadership Academy provides young community leaders the opportunity to get involved in local charitable causes. This endowment, started in 2006, is expected to grow as each year's class contributes to its principal, providing future classes with increased grantmaking opportunities.
Ellwood House Museum Fund
This fund, endorsed by resolution from the Ellwood House Association Board of Directors, was established in honor of Gerald Brauer, the Ellwood House Association’s first Executive Director serving from 1982 through 2010. The purpose of the fund is to provide revenue to the Ellwood House Association for educational services, museum interpretation, and programming for children, adolescents, and adults.
Ellwood House Racial Diversity Internship Fund
Established in December 2020 by generous donors Jerry and Annette Johns, this Fund supports the Racial Diversity Internship program at the Ellwood House Museum.
Fairdale Community Fund
Created to provide ongoing support for maintenance costs of the Fairdale community septic system completed in December 2015. Learn more.
Floyd Flowers Family Service Agency Endowment Fund
Shortly before his death, Mr. Flowers started this fund in 2008 which will aid the organization he headed for so many years. The endowment will be a fitting, and lasting, tribute to Floyd and the agency he loved.
Friends of the NIU Art Museum Endowment Fund
Created by long-time NIU supporters and local philanthropists, Jerry and Annette Johns, this Fund provides annual financial support to the NIU Art Museum to further their mission of serving campus and community by balancing traditional and contemporary art to explore connections through visual culture. Learn more about this Fund >
Milo and Elizabeth George Fund
This fund was created in 1995 for the purpose of supporting the Waterman Area Heritage Society. Mr. George passed away during 2004.
Joseph F. Glidden Homestead & Historical Center Fund
This was originally started with an anonymous gift in 2004, and will exist in perpetuity to provide support to the Homestead on DeKalb's West Lincoln Highway.
Doran and Rose Greif IVVC Pay It Forward Award Fund
In memory of Doran and Rose Greif, this fund provides support to the Indian Valley Vocational Center (IVVC) in Sandwich, IL, to offer scholarship awards to accomplished students studying automotive technology or the culinary arts. The desire is for the students to be successful in their studies and ‘pay it forward’. Learn more.
The Growing Place, Inc. Endowment Fund
To provide ongoing operating support to The Growing Place.
David E. Hall Memorial Endowment Fund
This fund was initiated in 1999 with a bequest from the estate of David Hall of Genoa, who passed away in 1998. Its intent is to use fund income for the DeKalb County Animal Welfare Shelter.
Walter E. Hauswald Science Education Endowment Fund
This fund, established late in 2002, recognizes the accomplishments of Walter Hauswald, a long-time science teacher at Sycamore High School. Yearly distributions will be made to allow S.H.S. science programs to purchase equipment and supplies.
Hope Haven Endowment Fund
The local homeless shelter will receive annual support from this new fund, started in 2007 with a lead gift from James and Helen Merritt of DeKalb.
Howey-Guilinger Memorial Endowment Fund
Established in early 2003, this fund is geared to memorialize Robert Howey and James Guilinger, both former long-time ag teachers at Sycamore High. This fund provides yearly support to the Sycamore Education Foundation to support agriculture Department activities at S.H.S.
Pat Humo Nursing Fund
Started in 2014, this fund makes an annual distribution to Kishwaukee College for the purpose of funding an annual scholarship award to a student enrolled in the nursing program at the College.
Indian Creek Education Foundation Endowment Fund
Established in 2011 to provide funds to the Indian Creek Education Foundation solely for scholarship awards for Indian Creek H.S. graduates..
Jerry L. Johns Literacy Clinic Endowment Fund
A Fund that helps children and families access high quality literacy services through the NIU Literacy Clinic. The Fund started in 2009 provides an annual payout to the Literacy Clinic to help cover the cost of services for families with limited financial means. The endowment was started by former Clinic Directors Dr. Jerry Johns and Dr. Laurie Elish-Piper out of a desire to connect children in the community with literacy enhancement.
Vera John Endowment Fund
This fund started in 2007 will benefit the National Association for Down Syndrome, and was started by long-time Sycamore resident Vera John, as a memorial to her son William John.
Joiner History Room Endowment Fund
This fund was in the process of inception, just prior to the recent death of former DeKalb County Clerk Ralph Joiner in 2008. It was Ralph and his wife Bertha desire to save historical artifacts during their long tenure in the Clerk's office that led to the creation of the Joiner History Room. This facility, housed in the Sycamore Public Library, will benefit from the Joiners' forethought, and from this endowment partially funded by recent memorial gifts in Ralph's name. It will honor the work of Phyllis Kelley, the first appointed DeKalb County historian who began administering the Joiner History Room in 1989.
Terry S. Jones and Nancy J. Eyer Kishwaukee College Nursing Student Fund
This Fund provides an annual distribution to Kishwaukee College to fund a scholarship award to a student enrolled in the nursing program.
Alex Kelm Memorial Fund
The Kelm family started this endowment in 2006, as a memorial to their teenage son Alex, who died in an accident at their Genoa home. The fund will benefit the Alternative Education Program at Kishwaukee Education Consortium, where Alex was a student.
Bernice and Kermit Kirkus Fund
These long-time Waterman residents, for the benefit of the Waterman Area Heritage Society, established this fund in 1998. Mr. Kirkus passed away in March 2001.
Kishwaukee College Horticulture Fund
This fund was started in 2007 by long-time Kishwaukee College chair John Roberts of DeKalb, and will make annual distributions to the Horticulture Department at the college.
Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra Endowment Fund
Supporters of the community orchestra continue to grow this fund started in 2001 to help current needs of the KSO.
Kishwaukee United Way Endowment Fund
Originally created in 1994, this fund supports the charitable purposes of the Kishwaukee United Way. In 2005, the DeKalb United Way merged with Sycamore United Fund combining their separate endowments into this one fund.
Robert and Mary Krupp Fund
Established in 1998, the income from this fund is used to benefit arts and cultural activities at St. Mary School in DeKalb.
Raymond Larsen Donor Advised Fund
This fund was established in 1997 by a resident of Sandwich, who passed away in 2001. The fund now benefits Voluntary Action Center, where Ray was a board member; the Sandwich Rotary Club, which administers scholarships in Ray's name; and the Fox Valley Older Adult Services.
Virginia Larsen Fund
Started in 2001 by this Sycamore resident, the fund provides financial assistance to the Kishwaukee Community Hospital Auxiliary, enabling it to fund annual nursing scholarships to DeKalb County residents.
Rowland and Lucile Matteson Kishwaukee College Fund
Established in 2006 following Lucile's death, this fund's yearly payout will assist our community college in capital improvements. The College was especially meaningful to Mrs. Matteson, who worked closely with its foundation in establishing several scholarship programs during her lifetime.
Midwest Museum Of Natural History Endowment Fund
This fund, started in 2006, provides annual support to this new Sycamore museum.
Janice and Steve Milner Fund
Created in 1998, the income is divided and used to support the DeKalb County Animal Shelter and Big Brother / Big Sister Program of the Family Service Agency.
NIU-Hillel Fund
Started in 2007 by DeKalb resident Abraham Bass, this new fund will make annual distributions to the Hillel Jewish Student Organization at Northern Illinois University.
Jack E. Norling and Norma E. (Rex) Norling Fund
Created in 2020, this Fund provides financial support to the Indian Valley Vocational Center (IVVC) as well as to the Sandwich School District #430. Support from this Fund will provide an annual distribution for each organization to use where it’s needed most. Learn more about this Fund.
Tim and Bev O’Shaughnessy Loving Kindness Fund
This Fund provides unrestricted support to: Christine Center, Salvation Army, Hope Haven, DeKalb County Community Gardens, KVAL.
Oak Crest Good Samaritan Endowment Fund
This fund was established in 2011 and provides support to Oak Crest’s Good Samaritan Fund as it makes monetary awards to people who make a difference in the community.
Elizabeth Bradt Reed Memorial Endowment Fund
This fund was established in 1998 with the income used by Oak Crest-DeKalb Area Retirement Center for its health care center.
Ryan Family Education Fund for St. Mary School DeKalb
Established as an endowment in 1998, the fund’s income has initially been used for annual scholarships at St. Mary School in DeKalb, and may be expanded in the future to include other educational objectives.
Safe Passage Angels Endowment Fund
Created in 2016 to provide ongoing support, where it is needed most, to Safe Passage, Inc. Learn more.
Caryl Steimel St. Mary's DeKalb Scholarship Fund
Created in memory of Caryl Steimel, this Fund makes an annual distribution to St. Mary's School in DeKalb, IL for the purpose of funding a scholarship award program for its students. Learn more about this Fund.
Sycamore Public Library Community Fund
This fund was established in 1997 by the IDEAL shareholder families to encourage people to provide support to the Sycamore Public Library by adding to the endowment and creating an annual means of support to the library for purposes other than operating.
TAILS Humane Society Endowment Fund
The primary purpose of this fund is to provide support to the TAILS Humane Society facility to carry out its role and mission.
Barry Robert Totty Memorial Fund
This fund benefits a Sycamore High School graduate pursuing a degree in agriculture.
Dr. Raymond Tourville Illinois Foreign Language Teacher Fund for the Future
Named after the long-time Northern Illinois University professor, who died during 2004, this endowment will support activities of the Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.
Guyla Winebrener Oak Crest Scholarship Fund
To provide scholarship support to employees of DeKalb Area Retirement Center/Oak Crest or their immediate families.
Voluntary Action Center Endowment Fund
Created in 2001, this fund provides support to the Voluntary Action Center for their food and transportation programs, serving DeKalb County residents.

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