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Sycamore Lions Charities Jack Shrout Fund

Sycamore Lions Club, DeKalb County Community Foundation

Jack Shrout

Introducing the Sycamore Lions Charities Jack Shrout Fund, a new agency fund that provides support to the Sycamore Lions Charities to fulfill their mission.

The Sycamore Lions Club is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the handicapped, the poor, the sick and the aged. Its primary focus is blindness prevention and program support for visually impaired individuals. In addition to vision programs, the Sycamore Lions Club supports or sponsors scholarships, hearing programs, diabetes awareness, and a number of humanitarian, civic and charitable projects..

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Sheldon and Betty Kesner Scholarship Fund

DeKalb County Community Foundation, Sheldon & Betty Kesner Scholarship Fund

Sheldon “Ted” Kesner and Betty Kesner

Announcing the Sheldon and Betty Kesner Scholarship Fund, a new scholarship fund that provides annual awards to graduates of Indian Creek High School in DeKalb County, IL. One award is the Sheldon M. Kesner Agricultural Scholarship and the other is the Betty M. Kesner Music/Education Scholarship.

Ted and Betty had hearts for giving. Ted was a 4-H leader, member of the Masonic Lodge, active in the Farm Bureau, a founding member of the Waterman Heritage Society, and active in the Waterman United Methodist Church. Throughout her life, Betty actively shared her love for music with her family and community. At the Methodist Church, she played the piano and organ, and directed the choir. At the Waterman Schools, she was accompanist for band and choral contests, and assisted music directors. Betty played concerts at her mother’s retirement home and when she later became a resident at the same facility, she continued to play piano for her Bible study group.

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Curt and Karen Lang Charitable Fund

Curt and Karen Lang Charitable Fund, DeKalb County Community Foundation

Local philanthropists Curt and Karen Lang

Introducing the Curt and Karen Lang Charitable Fund, a new donor advised fund providing assistance to nonprofits serving Sycamore, a first of its kind for a fund at the Community Foundation.

Curt and Karen Lang have called Sycamore home for more than 40 years and during that time, have dedicated themselves to serving others. Curt is a Rotary member and currently serves as the mayor of Sycamore. He is a retired dentist and his many achievements include serving as the Fox River Valley Dental Society President, Sycamore School Board President, and receiving Mastership in General Dentistry awards. Karen is a dental hygienist and in her spare time, she is an illustrator and a master gardener for which she has won several awards. She has served as the president of the Sycamore Middle School PTO and as a Bible Study Fellowship Leader.

The Langs decided to create a fund with the Community Foundation because of their love for the Sycamore community. Their three children were born and raised in Sycamore and they believe the town gave them a solid foundation for their education and future as business owners. Curt and Karen are thankful for what Sycamore has done for their family and they hope this fund will contribute to supporting the town that they love.

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Deborah and Colin Booth Fund

Deborah and Colin Booth Fund, DeKalb County Community Foundation

Deborah and Colin Booth

Announcing the Deborah and Colin Booth Fund, a new field of interest fund that supports DeKalb County organizations serving two areas of need: food insecurity and victims of domestic violence.

The Booths both retired from Northern Illinois University in 2014. Colin was a professor of geology and Deborah served as the Director of External Programs for the College of Visual and Performing Arts. They have two married children, Paul and Anna, and one grandson Hank, who was born in 2016. Paul lives in the Chicago area and Anna resides near Philadelphia.

Since their retirement, Colin and Deborah have traveled throughout the US, visiting presidential historical sites, gardens, museums, and concert halls. Colin maintains his interests in geology, painting, and drawing, while Deborah enjoys gardening, reading, and politics. She is also active in several community organizations, including Barb Food Mart and Friends of DeKalb Public Library and serves on the DeKalb Enhancement Commission and the Wurlitzer Foundation Board.

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Ibarra Family Scholarship Fund

Ibarra Family Scholarship Fund, DeKalb County Community Foundation

Maria De Jesus Ibarra

Introducing the Ibarra Family Scholarship Fund. Created through the generosity of the Ibarra family, this scholarship fund will provide an annual award to a Sycamore High School graduate of Mexican ethnic origin. This award honors the late Maria De Jesus Ibarra, who worked tirelessly to support her family and encourage ongoing education for her children.

Growing up in El Paso Texas, the parents of Juan Ibarra worked many hours to provide for their children. Over and over his parents would stress the importance of education and the opportunities it would provide in the future. They taught that life could be very difficult without a good education. This consistent message propelled Juan and his siblings on to pursue their dreams. After high school, Juan set his sights on becoming a medical doctor. He enrolled at Texas Tech University where he completed his undergraduate studies and medical school at the age of 24. Juan achieved his dream of medical doctor in 1987 and today is known as Juan Ibarra, MD, Pain Management Specialist, for CGH Medical Center in Sterling, IL. Juan and his wife Michelle currently live in Sycamore where they stay busy, blessed with four children and two grandchildren.

Juan’s mother, Maria De Jesus Ibarra, passed away a few years ago from breast cancer. Maria lived out her appeal for education, graduating from college at the age 50 and becoming a substitue teacher.

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Cornerstone Christian Academy Fund

DeKalb County Community Foundation, Cornerstone Christian Academy Fund

Local philanthropists Bud and Debra Burgin

Announcing the Cornerstone Christian Academy Fund, a new designated endowment fund at the DeKalb County Community Foundation. Created through the generosity of Bud and Debra Burgin, this fund will provide ongoing support to Cornerstone Christian Academy to continue their mission of providing each student a comprehensive education, based on God’s truth, while building stronger relationships among parents, staff, and students.

Bud and Debra Burgin have lived in DeKalb for over 30 years. During those 30 years, the Burgins have stayed connected to the community through a variety of volunteer roles at their church and local nonprofits. One of these volunteer roles for Bud included a term from 1993-1996 on the inaugural board of directors for the DeKalb County Community Foundation. Their desire in setting up this new fund is to continue the good work they see at Cornerstone Christian Academy, the school where their grandson attends. “We are so impressed with the way our grandson has stretched and grown both academically and spiritually, since enrolling in Cornerstone,” said Bud. “We want to ensure this institution continues to build leaders that will influence society for the glory of God.”

Cornerstone Christian Academy is located at 355 N. Cross Street in Sycamore. Founded in 1976, Cornerstone exists as an independent PreK-12 grade Christian School accredited by the Association of Christian School International (ACSI).

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Sandwich Fair Association Fund

Sandwich Fair Fund, DeKalb County Community Foundation

The Sandwich Fair is one of the oldest county fairs in the state of Illinois.

Introducing the Sandwich Fair Association Fund, a new agency fund at the Community Foundation. This new fund provides a way for people and organizations to give back in support of the Sandwich Fair Association. Donations received will support the mission of the Sandwich Fair Association, Inc.

Created in November 2017, the Sandwich Fair Association Fund joins two other funds at the Community Foundation, all for the benefit and ongoing support of the Sandwich Fair Association. Created in 2005, the Friends of the Sandwich Fair Fund is solely dedicated to support capital building and improvement projects on the Sandwich Fairgrounds. A third fund, the Sandwich Fair Association Endowment Fund exists in perpetuity to support the mission and operating needs of the Sandwich Fair Association, Inc.

Donations to any of these three funds are tax-deductible and invited from individuals, families, and businesses who want to support the Sandwich Fair in a variety of ways. Estate gifts can also be made to these funds; as well as the option for donors to create their own named fund through the Community Foundation to support the Sandwich Fair in general.

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Turner Family Charitable Fund

DeKalb County Community Foundation, Rick and Anita Turner

Local philanthropists Anita and Rick Turner

Introducing the Turner Family Charitable Fund, a new donor advised fund at the DeKalb County Community Foundation. This new fund will allow the Turner family to generously support needs in the community that align with their charitable interests.

Rick and Anita Turner have been in the community for a number of years, raising all five of their children in Sycamore. Four of the five children are now married, extending the reach of their family from Illinois, to Nevada, to Florida. The Turners recently celebrated another life event as they welcomed the birth of their first granddaughter in 2017.

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Jay & Lynn Montgomery Fund

Jay & Lynn Montgomery Fund, DeKalb County Community Foundation

Local philanthropists Lynn and Jay Montgomery

Announcing the Jay & Lynn Montgomery Fund, a new donor advised fund at the DeKalb County Community Foundation. As lifelong residents of the Sycamore community, this fund provides a way for the Montgomery’s to give back to the community they love.

Jay and Lynn Montgomery have lived in DeKalb County their entire lives. Both were born in the old Sycamore Hospital on the corner of Somonauk and Elm St. and later graduated from Sycamore High School. The Montgomery’s owned and operated “The Goldmine”, a jewelry store located in St. Charles for 33 years.

Staying connected to the community is a high priority for the Sycamore couple. Both Jay and Lynn give of their time and talent in a variety of volunteer roles including board membership, officers of organizations and clubs, leaders, teachers, co-chairs, and coaches. One of the highlights from their volunteer activities include the instrumental roles they played in the establishment of the “Take Root” fundraiser for the Sycamore Education Foundation.

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Tails Humane Society Fund

Charles & Helen Suter Memorial Scholarship award, Suter Family Scholarship Fund, DeKalb County Community Foundation

Tails Humane Society

Introducing the Tails Humane Society Fund, a new agency fund at the DeKalb County Community Foundation. This new fund will provide unrestricted financial support to Tails Humane Society to fulfill their mission and purpose, to build a compassionate community through the care of companion animals.

Assisting with the care of over 2,400 homeless animals each year, the Tails Humane Society Fund will provide additional support to meet the ongoing needs of the shelter. Tails Humane Society, located in DeKalb, is a limited admission animal shelter. Animals in their care receive quality medical care and shelter, giving each the best chance at adoption. These expenses include, but are not limited to, food, medication, surgical and veterinarian bills. Ongoing programs at the shelter and fees for service cover only a portion of the necessary funds to continue day-to-day operations and care. Additional revenue comes through fundraising and dedicated donor support. Learn more.

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