Featured Funds

Each year, a variety of new Funds are created at the DeKalb County Community Foundation. These new Funds support the charitable interests of donors and work to enhance the quality of life in DeKalb County. Below is a list of new or existing Funds that we would like to highlight.

Making a donation to the Community Foundation is easy to do. Whether you want to give to an established Fund or create one of your own, we offer a variety of giving options to help donors maximize their impact.

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Steven ‘Mr. G’ Griglione Scholarship Fund

Steven ‘Mr. G’ Griglione Scholarship Fund, DeKalb County Community Foundation

Steven ‘Mr. G’ Griglione

Announcing the Steven ‘Mr. G’ Griglione Scholarship Fund, created as a tribute to the late Steven Griglione and honors his impact on music education in the community. The scholarship is intended for a graduating senior who participated in music classes and/or programs all four years at Sycamore High School and is continuing studies in music education or general education.

“My father Steve, like his own father Raymond, was a born educator,” said Brad Griglione. “He started his teaching career in the public school system but soon was compelled to combine his passion for teaching with his other great passion, music.”

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DHS Alumni Scholarship Fund

DHS Alumni Scholarship Fund, DeKalb County Community Foundation

DHS Alumni Scholarship Fund

Announcing the DHS Alumni Scholarship Fund, created as a new opportunity for students at DeKalb High School (DHS). This Fund awards scholarships to graduating seniors pursuing continuing education and training for career advancement.

The creation of this unique alumni scholarship, initiated by the DHS Class of 1973, provides an exciting opportunity for all DHS alumni to participate in creating a legacy to support future generations of DeKalb High School students and the communities served by CUSD #428.

“DeKalb has nurtured exceptional people over the years,” said Mark Frisch, ’73 class president. “Today, you can go to a bookstore and buy a Pulitzer Prize-winning book written by a DHS alum. You can stream a television show starring another or read history books about another who was a U.S. Secretary of Labor. The most important thing we can do for the future is to invest in our youth and their opportunities.”

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Friends of Jon Fund

Friends of Jon Fund, DeKalb County Community Foundation

Jon Wrenn

Introducing the Friends of Jon Fund, created as a lasting tribute to the life and legacy of Jon Wrenn. Jon’s siblings created the Donor Advised Fund to continue his generous spirit of caring for others, especially those who are often dismissed or not seen.

Jon experienced a life-changing traumatic brain injury as a result of a car accident just days before his high school graduation in 1988. Despite the dramatic change this brought to Jon’s life, he managed to live a relatively full and active life. And while he certainly had his own challenges and struggles, he always found a way to focus on and care about others around him.

“We are all so much better off for having Jon in our lives as he left an everlasting footprint in all our hearts,” his siblings said. “We are honored to create this Fund in his memory to keep his adventurous spirit alive and ensure his legacy of love, kindness, and support for others lives on.”

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Lockard Family Fund

Lockard Family Fund, DeKalb County Community Foundation

Lockard Family

Announcing the Lockard Family FundThis new Donor Advised Fund aligns with the charitable interests of Jim and Kathy Lockard and their family. The Fund provides them with an opportunity to participate in philanthropy together.

“As a family, we wish to help social service organizations working to meet the needs of our community,” said Jim Lockard. “We also have a great interest in the arts. Kathy’s father was a professional musician and conductor, and we recognize the value of the arts and the impact they leave.”

Jim and Kathy have lived in DeKalb and Sycamore since 1980. They are long-time supporters and volunteers of the arts. “The community has been very good to us, and we are pleased to be able to give back through the creation of the Lockard Family Fund,” they stated.

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Kirkland-Fairdale Community Endowment Fund

Kirkland-Fairdale Community Endowment Fund, DeKalb County Community Foundation

The Kirkland-Fairdale Community Endowment Fund is the first endowment Fund specifically supporting the Kirkland and Fairdale, IL, communities. The Fund was created through tax-deductible contributions from friends, neighbors, and community members and supports projects and services dedicated to improving the quality of life there.

The Fund was created late in 2021 through a generous donation from Kirkland resident Don Banks, thanking the Community Foundation for their work and assistance with the Fairdale tornado recovery. The Foundation used the gift to create a Fund dedicated to the Kirkland and Fairdale communities. From there, Kirkland representatives Sally Bruch and Kris Aves led a series of fundraising efforts to increase the Fund size and recognize those who became charter donors with a $1,000 contribution to the Fund.

“As a Board member of the Community Foundation, I’ve seen first-hand the impact that a Fund like this can have on smaller communities in DeKalb County,” said Kris Aves. “Kirkland and Fairdale may be small in size, but together, we can do great things here that will leave a lasting impression for generations to come. I’m proud of the people here and the commitment I’ve seen to supporting public and nonprofit entities that have a direct benefit to Kirkland and Fairdale residents.”

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