We are Philanthropists!

Youth Engaged in Philanthropy (YEP) members benefit from multiple opportunities to build leadership, communication, social, and analytical skills. High school youth from all across DeKalb County join to learn more about philanthropy in their community. In May of each year, members distribute $14,000+ in YEP Grants to nonprofit and community organizations for various youth-serving programs and projects in DeKalb County.

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YEP Leadership Opportunities

Since YEP is youth-led, we need members to lead each year. YEP offers a variety of leadership positions, including grant leaders, subcommittee leaders, and an Executive Committee team. Members interested in leadership are encouraged to check their membership application's "leadership opportunities" box. We highly value leadership and commit to providing ample opportunities for members!

2023-24 YEP Members

YEP Executive Committee

Ty Devito

Chair, Sycamore High School

Steffini McDowell

Vice Chair, Genoa High School

Nelly Delvalle

Membership Chair, Hiawatha High School

Riley Collins

Grants Chair, DeKalb High School

Sara Pandess

Outreach Chair, DeKalb High School

Ellie Bend

Fundraising Chair, Indian Creek High School

2023-24 YEP Members

  • Coming soon!

2023-24 YEP Members (continued)

  • Coming soon!

2023-24 YEP Members (continued)

  • Coming soon!

2023-24 YEP Members (continued)

  • Coming soon!

2023-24 Adult Advisors

Noah Nordbrock

YEP Staff Advisor

Marc Hooks

YEP Staff Advisor, Fundraising Committee

Teri Spartz

YEP Staff Advisor, YEP 2.Pro Committee

Brenda Jergens

YEP Board Advisor

Mohammed Labadi

YEP Board Advisor