We are Philanthropists!

YEP members benefit from multiple opportunities to build leadership, communication, social, and analytical skills. High school youth from all across DeKalb County join to learn more about philanthropy in the community where they live. In May of each year, YEP grants approximately $12,500 to nonprofit and community organizations for a variety of youth serving programs and projects in DeKalb County.

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YEP Leadership Opportunities

YEP is youth-led. With that in mind, we need youth leaders to lead. Each year, we elect leadership for these positions. Current Executive Committee members are eligible for re-election. Elections are held at the April meeting. We invite ALL members to apply. This IS NOT a popularity vote so keep that in mind when applying.

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2021-2022 YEP Members

YEP Executive Committee

Oliver Keicher

Chair, Sycamore High School

Maggie Roberts

Vice Chair, Somonauk High School

Ritta Wi

Membership Chair, Sycamore High School

Sam Crutcher

Grants Chair, Sycamore High School

Thomas McComb

Outreach Chair, Sycamore High School

Ava Polz

Donor Relations & Fundraising Chair, Sycamore High School

2021-2022 YEP Members

  • Abbie Andrews
  • Zoey Beach
  • Caroline Bend
  • Michael Biundo
  • Nicholas Biundo
  • Sofi Briscoe
  • Sam Caputo
  • Grace Carey
  • Cassie Chamoun
  • Riley Collins
  • Sara Collins
  • Sam Crutcher
  • Max Crutcher
  • Max Cryer
  • Nelly Delvalle
  • Ashley Diedrich
  • Alexis Dreska
  • Caden Emmert
  • Kaitlyn Goff

2021-2022 YEP Members (continued)

  • Jacob Gramer
  • Ana Hall
  • Georgia Harrelson
  • Evan Harrelson
  • Mackenna Hawbaker
  • Addie Heinisch
  • Jorge Hernandez
  • Natalie Heth
  • Lauren Jordal
  • Oliver Keicher
  • Isabella Kirchmann
  • Elizabeth Kleckner
  • Ray Koehler
  • Jolee Larson
  • Toni LeBlanc
  • Matt Lojko
  • Christopher Mamoser
  • Daniel Martin
  • Susana Martin

2021-2022 YEP Members (continued)

  • Thomas McComb
  • Steffini McDowell
  • Kelsey McGraw
  • Morgan McGraw
  • Ellison McLane
  • Nate Miller
  • Will Naftzger
  • Makaylynn Newman
  • Hope Nordbrock
  • Sara Pandess
  • Grace Parks
  • Brooke Patterson
  • Harrison Polly
  • Ava Polz
  • Atalie Rapp
  • Jayme Redmond
  • Maggie Roberts
  • Shani Robinson
  • Charlie Roots

2021-2022 YEP Members (continued)

  • Laurel Schneck
  • Samantha Schwartz
  • Jarik Scott
  • Brendan Sullivan
  • Laylah Tawil
  • Kauthar Tawil
  • Luke Templin
  • Hussein Thahab
  • Heaven Thomas
  • Trevor Vanden Berg
  • Georgia Vehe
  • Daemon Volkening
  • Maddie Voorhis
  • Ritta Wi
  • Josephine Wilson
  • Audrey Witte
  • Lucas Woodbury
  • John Wright

2021-2022 Adult Advisors

Noah Nordbrock

YEP Staff Advisor

Brenda Jergens

YEP Board Advisor

Dan Templin

YEP Staff Advisor, YEP 2.Pro Committee

Marc Hooks

YEP Staff Advisor, Fundraising Committee