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DeKalb County Community Foundation Strategic Plan 2014-2017:
Goals and Objectives

Area: Endowments & Donor Services

Goal: Increase the amount of philanthropic activity occurring in partnership with the Foundation.
Objective: Grow the Total Assets of the Foundation by at least 20% (based on 12/31/13 Total Assets of $44M) by the end of 2017 (to a total of $52.8M), including growing the Unrestricted Endowed Assets of the Foundation by at least 50% (to a total of $17M; adding approx. $5.7M in value based on 12/31/13 totals).

Area: Stewardship

Goal: Expand the Foundation’s capacity to meet the growing charitable needs of the community.
Objective: Increase the engagement of Fund Donors and Beneficiary Organizations to their respective Funds at the Foundation (as measured by a satisfaction survey); and Board Members engagement so that 100% of members feel at least ‘satisfied’ with their participation in the mission of the Foundation.

Area: Grantmaking

Goal: Maximize the impact of Foundation grants.
Objective: Enhance the DeKalb County Community Foundation grant process by modifying grant programs, grant applications, and administration process and guidelines to increase the efficiency and responsiveness to community needs (measureable by post-grant surveys and redesigned grant reporting).

Area: Community Initiatives

Goal: Proactively address critical challenges in DeKalb County through community initiatives.
Objective: Engage community leaders in a collective impact process, with at least one major initiative identified by the end of 2015; and increase the impact of current community initiative commitments (CommunityWorks, Youth Engaged in Philanthropy and DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership) as determined by outcome measures inherent in each program.