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Each year, charitable Funds at the DeKalb County Community Foundation generate scholarship awards ranging from $250-$10,000 for DeKalb County high school graduates. In 2021, scholarship awards combined with renewals totaled $162,185 in distributions. These awards come from a variety of Funds at the Community Foundation, each with its own eligibility criteria and a story of creation.

“Coming out of such an unprecedented year, it is rewarding to know that these scholarships will provide an educational opportunity for more than 100 students across DeKalb County,” said Foundation Grants Director Tiffany McQueen Lewis. “We hope the scholarship awards produce confidence in these students, knowing that their community is behind them and supports their educational and career goals.”

2021 Scholarship Awards From Community Foundation Funds:

  • Sycamore High School – 37 scholarships from 30 Funds totaling $51,690 awarded
  • DeKalb High School – 51 scholarships from 32 different Funds totaling $48,270 awarded
  • Indian Creek High School – 4 scholarships from 4 Funds totaling $3,650 awarded
  • Somonauk High School – 1 scholarship from 1 Fund totaling $500 awarded
  • Genoa-Kingston High School – 3 scholarships from 2 Funds totaling $1,350 awarded
  • Sandwich High School – 2 scholarships from 1 Fund totaling $3,000 awarded
  • Renewals and other scholarships – From a variety of Funds totaling $53,725 awarded 
  • A total of $162,815 awarded

The administration for the majority of these scholarship awards takes place within local high schools. Students are encouraged to contact their high school counseling department with questions or for application information. 

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If giving the gift of education is of interest to you, consider donating to an existing Scholarship Fund online or by mail to the DeKalb County Community Foundation, 475 DeKalb Avenue, Sycamore, IL 60178. For questions or additional information on scholarships, please contact 815-748-5383 or scholarships@dekalbccf.org.

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