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Meet Emilie Schramer, recent member of Youth Engaged in Philanthropy (YEP) and a 2019 graduate of DeKalb High School. During her four years in the YEP program, Emilie had many opportunities for leadership development and embracing philanthropy. Recently, we had a chance for a quick interview to see what she’s up to.

So where is Emilie now and did the YEP program have an impact on her life after high school? Let’s find out!

Meet Emilie Schramer

(Q) Who are you and where did you go to school?
Emilie: My name is Emilie Schramer, and I went to DeKalb High School, graduating class of 2019.

(Q) How many years were you in YEP?
Emilie: I was in YEP for four years.

(Q) Where are you now and what are you up to?
Emilie: I am a student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studying linguistics, speech and hearing sciences, and Spanish.

(Q) What’s a recent accomplishment you are proud of?
Emilie: I am proud of obtaining an internship this summer as a classroom aide for a speech therapy clinic. This internship is a great match for my area of concentration in school and I’m excited for the experience it brings.

(Q) How did YEP shape what you are doing now?
Emilie: YEP has led me to be comfortable and eager to be involved in volunteering and community involvement on my college campus (for example, I volunteer for an organization called Books to Prisoners).

(Q) What were some of your greatest takeaways from YEP?
Emilie: Some of my greatest takeaways are that philanthropy is accessible to any community member, including youth. Also, that leadership can start at the grassroots level, as I learned in the proactive grant committee (YEP 2.Pro).

(Q) How are you currently (or plan to in the near future) giving of your time, talent, and treasure?
Emilie: I am currently volunteering at Books to Prisoners, a nonprofit that accepts book donations and responds to prisoner letters for book requests by sending packages out to prisons. I also will be starting a position as a communication minister at my campus church this fall.

Her advice to current and future YEP members:

My advice is to pursue your passions wholeheartedly, while integrating philanthropy and community involvement in what you do. Don’t forget the potential impact you can make on your community– you matter! – Emilie Schramer

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