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Together, with the support of our donors, the DeKalb County Community Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in DeKalb County, IL. Grants from the Foundation come from a variety of grant programs we offer. Each program is unique in how to apply, who it supports, and the impact it creates. So how do these grants impact the community in which we live? Learn more in this grant in action story below! 

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Check out this Grant in Action story in the 2019 Annual Report.

According to The American Heart Association, sudden cardiac arrest remains the number one cause of death in the United States. Studies have shown a significant increase in survival during a cardiac arrest with the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Sudden Cardiac Death Awareness Research Foundation (S.C.A.R.F.) is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the community about the signs and prevention of sudden cardiac death/arrest. S.C.A.R.F. conducted a recent AED study of DeKalb County to determine how many facilities had units in place. The finals results came back low. AEDS are expensive, so a grant request was submitted in the spring of 2019 to the Community Foundation for assistance. They were in return awarded with a $4,500 Community Needs Grant from the Foundation. Pooled with other funding, this grant enabled S.C.A.R.F. to purchase and install five AEDs, including training, inside DeKalb-area locations.

Just a few days before Christmas 2019, a DeKalb man suffered a cardiac arrest. He happened to be in a location that received one of the newly installed AEDs. Members of the community sprang into action by using the S.C.A.R.F. donated AED in conjunction with CPR and saved the man’s life.

“It is our hope that none of our donated AEDs are ever used. This is because we hope that sudden cardiac arrest never strikes any of the people in the community. However, use of an AED before EMS arrival can more than triple a person’s rate of survival, so having more of these devices available to the public is certain to make an impact.” – Dr. Sarah Alfano, S.C.A.R.F. Director of Clinical Information & Telemedicine

Funding for the Community Needs Grant program is made possible through ongoing donor generosity to Community Impact Funds at the Foundation. Thank you to the donors whose gifts makes grants like these possible!

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