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New Space Opens New Opportunities For Clients – Grants In Action

Together, with the support of our donors, the DeKalb County Community Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in DeKalb County, IL. Grants from the Foundation come from a variety of grant programs we offer. Each program is unique in how to apply, who it supports, and the impact it creates. So how do these grants impact the community in which we live? Learn more in this grant in action story below! 

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Check out this Grant in Action story in the 2019 Annual Report.

A dimly lit 12’ x 12’ space with five desktop computers, two printers, and little to no comfortable seating. A place that was built for socialization and learning. At one time, this space fit the needs of Open Door Rehabilitation Center (ODRC) in Sandwich to provide services to their clients; adults with developmental disabilities. As the organization grew and their client size expanded, the need for an updated learning space grew along with it.

ODRC began to draft plans to remodel the 144 square foot area. They needed a room that would satisfy the needs of their 72 adult clients, including those who are in wheelchairs.

With a need for funding to support the expansion idea, ODRC came to the Community Foundation with a request for a portion of the funds. They were in return awarded with a $7,000 Community Needs Grant from the Foundation. Additional funding came from a variety of of local donors, including Give DeKalb County, to complete the renovations.

The new 825 square foot room was completed in the fall of 2019. The space houses seven desktop computers, three laptops and four tablets, which almost triples the number of individuals who can utilize computers at the same time. The increase in square footage allows clients with mobility issues the same access to this room as their peers. The new room has multiple purposes including the ability to hold classes, group activities, research projects, and doubles as a quiet spot to read, do puzzles, and write.

“This new space has been a true blessing for our clients and has EXCEEDED all expectations! Feedback from our clients and staff has been overwhelmingly positive.” – Kourtney Herren, ODRC Marketing & Development Coordinator

Funding for the Community Needs Grant program is made possible through ongoing donor generosity to Community Impact Funds at the Foundation. Thank you to the donors whose gifts makes grants like these possible!

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