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Organizations throughout local communities have begun receiving the funds raised during Give DeKalb County. This philanthropic event is coordinated by the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership (DCNP), which is a program of the DeKalb County Community Foundation.

Give DeKalb County reached all-time highs in terms of total donors, total donations, number of participating organizations, grand total, and other categories.

“The support from donors through Give DeKalb County was remarkable,” said Ben Bingle, director of DCNP. “An event like this emphasizes the strength and resilience of community, the selflessness and generosity of donors, and the importance and impact of nonprofit organizations. We’re grateful for everyone who helped make Give DeKalb County a success this year despite all odds.”

This was the seventh year of the annual giving day. Due to COVID-19, walk-in donations were cancelled and mail-in donations were accepted. Donations were also accepted through the website www.GiveDeKalbCounty.org on May 7.

Give DeKalb County 2020 Recap:

Participating Nonprofits & Endowment Funds 113
Number of Donors 2,777
Number of Donations 7,534
Number of States Donations Came From 42
Number of Countries Donations Came From 10
Amount Raised Online $556,700
Amount Raised by Mail $502,764
Amount in Bonus Pool Funds $139,836
Match for COVID-19 Response Fund $10,000


The DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership (DCNP) is a membership-based program of the DeKalb County Community Foundation. Established in 2012, DCNP’s mission is to strengthen the nonprofit sector through leadership, professional development, and collaboration. Learn more at www.dcnp.org.

Pictured: Staff of the DeKalb County Community Foundation take a moment to watch the donations online during Give DeKalb County on May 7.

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