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Please join us as we say THANK YOU to Kevin McArtor for his time and service on the DeKalb County Community Foundation Board of Directors.

Kevin served on the Community Foundation Board from 2011-2019. Representing Malta, he had this to say about his community, “My family has five generations that have been born, raised, and lived in the Malta community. It’s my home and I love the people here. We are a close knit group of people who care for each other and the community we live in.”

During his nine years of service, Kevin served on a variety of Foundation committees including Finance, Community Grants, and Economic Development.

A few of his favorite takeaways include the genuine care and concern for community that he experienced as a board member, the meetings with various community leaders to discuss Economic Development Grants, the participation in several implementation projects, and the enthusiasm and energy that came out of these projects. As Kevin exclaimed, “From start to finish, it was remarkable and very rewarding to be a part of.”

One of his favorite committees to serve on was Economic Development. “We started with $300,000 to donate equally to 15 communities for economic development studies and implementation of projects,” Kevin said. “What a transformational initiative of the Community Foundation! The goal is to encourage both economic growth and community development to improve the quality of life in all the communities of DeKalb County.”

In a final question, we asked Kevin to share any advice he might have for new and future board members. Here is what he said, “As a new board member, there is a lot to learn and absorb. It takes a while to feel that you are a contributing member. However, in a short time you will and you will enjoy participating in the mission of this great organization. We are fortunate to have a local Community Foundation that provides our county a means to give back.”

Thank you Kevin McArtor for giving of your time, talent, treasure, and ties to DeKalb County. Your passion for the economic development, leadership, and desire to serve our community is greatly appreciated. You are a true philanthropist and for that, we are very grateful!

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