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Get to know the 2019-2020 YEP members a little more through ongoing YEP Member Spotlights. Learn more about their charitable interests and see what inspires them to make a positive impact in their community. 

Hi my name is Ashley Parks...

I am currently a senior at Sycamore High School (class of 2020) and a 3rd year member of YEP. This year I have the opportunity to serve as Membership Chair on the YEP Executive Committee.

If you could sum me up in one word, my one word would be "COMPASSIONATE".

What makes you, YOU?!

I love to meet new people and experience new things! Harry Potter, pastel colors, food and good conversations are just a few of my many favorites.

My favorite volunteering opportunity has been fixing up a house in Houston, Texas, while on a Life Missions trip with my church.

What are your greatest YEP takeaways so far?

YEP has shown me many things. Most importantly that communities are stronger when the youth are involved. I have learned that true passion and hard work REALLY DO make a difference when it comes to community service. I have a voice and I can make a difference.

What are YOUR charitable interests in the community? (What issues fire you up?)

Personally, I feel the biggest issues that need to be addressed are excessive environmental pollution and the rapid increase of social injustice in this country. Whether it’s racial, gender, LGTBQ, or any other injustices or prejudices, it’s cruel and it needs to be stopped.

If you were given $100,000 in funding, what would you do with the money to align it with your answer above?


I would use $50,000 to fund any program that is trying to implement bio-degradable products in place of plastic and styrofoam. We are destroying the earth. We need to take better care of it.

I would use the other $50,000 to start a program that provides education to elementary and middle schools about social injustice and how to prevent it. I would also encourage others to join me in supporting this education.

There you go. That’s a little about me. Thanks for the opportunity to share!

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