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Please join us as we say THANK YOU to Kevin Fuss for his time and service on the DeKalb County Community Foundation Board of Directors. Representing the city of DeKalb, Kevin served on the Community Foundation Board from 2012-2018.  “Even though I represented DeKalb, the title ‘DeKalb County’ in the Community Foundation’s title puts a great challenge to each Board member,” he said.  “A challenge to look beyond the city or town they represent and think about the entire county. I hope in my time on the Board, I did just that. DeKalb County has so much to offer in terms of education, places of worship, and nonprofits who tirelessly provide service to those who would otherwise be unserved.”

During his seven years of service, Kevin centered his time on the Foundation committees around two major themes, Strategic Planning and Finances. Serving on both committees allowed Kevin to keep his focus around the long-term goals of the Community Foundation.

Of the two committees he served on, Finance brought forth the most enjoyment to him. “I was fortunate to serve under two amazing committee Chairs, Tim Dunlop and Frank Roberts. Learning how to be a Board member and a committee Chair from those individuals was of great benefit to me.” Kevin went on to say, “They set a very high standard of properly managing the financial assets of the Foundation. They asked tough questions and were always seeking ways to protect the assets, while making sure the needs of the community were supported.”

A few of his favorite memories include the people he met along the way. As Kevin put it, “I met so many dedicated and selfless people. From grantees and community members, to donors and past Board members. Each would tell of the wonderful things the Foundation has done, but also their ideas on what it could do going forward. The positive attitude and dedication they exhibited really impressed me. All of these interactions held great value to me as we charted the future course of the Community Foundation through strategic planning.”

In a final question, we asked Kevin to share any advice he might have for new and future Board members. Here is what he said, “Get to know other Board members and focus on listening at the first few committee and Board meetings you attend. Then leverage that knowledge as you formulate questions to take your understanding to the next level. Attempt to steer clear of focusing your time on a single issue or project. Instead, think strategically and globally, but always consistent with your moral and religious values.”

Thank you Kevin Fuss for giving of your time, talent, and treasure to DeKalb County. Your ability to explain financials and investments for all audiences to understand, your leadership, and your desire to serve our community is greatly appreciated. You are a true philanthropist and for that, we are grateful!


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