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The DeKalb County Community Foundation is thrilled to announce two new additions to their online system. Both additions enhance the overall donor experience and better connect people who care with causes they care about in the community.

The first addition is related to online giving through the Community Foundation website. After extensive research and testing, we have launched a brand new online donation platform. This new platform makes the donation experience informative and very easy to use.

Using a credit or debit card, donors can make a one-time or recurring gift through our secure online platform in a few easy steps. Below is a breakdown of the steps involved.

  • On the Foundation’s “Donate” web page, choose the Donate Now! button
  • View featured Funds or search for a Fund
  • Select a Fund to donate to (A favorite feature!)
  • Enter the amount you wish to give
  • Add to cart and proceed to checkout
  • Complete your donation by filling in the required information

And, since credit card transactions carry a processing fee, donors now have the option of covering the processing fee in their donation. This fee will be deducted from the gift amount and the net proceeds will be added to the fund. The tax deduction will still be the gross amount of the gift. If donors wish to cover the fee in their donation, they simply check the “Add 3% to your donation to cover our processing fees” at the end of the form.

View the Foundation’s Donate Web Page

The second addition is for fundholders at the Community Foundation. We are happy to announce our new Fund Portal, allowing fundholders the ability to interact with their charitable fund(s) via a secure, password protected website.

Highlighted features include:

  • Online access to Fund Statements – Fund Statements will post directly to the Fund Portal instead of mailing paper copies as in the past.
  • Real-time Fund Balances – Fund balances are updated in real-time inside the Fund Portal. Fund holders can access the system as frequently as they wish to review activity associated with the fund.
  • Ability to Review Grant History and Make Grant Requests – Review pending and completed grants paid from the Fund using the “Grants” option. Those holding donor advised funds can also use the “Grant Request” section to electronically recommend a new charitable grant to an eligible recipient.

Fund Portal Login

Both the online donation system and the Fund Portal are live and available for use on the Community Foundation website. We are grateful for the ongoing feedback and communication from our donors and fundholders. Our hope is to provide a valuable and hands-on experience to philanthropy.

“It is with great excitement that we launch these new online enhancements, said Finance Director Betsy Hull. “We are grateful for the ongoing feedback and communication from our donors and fundholders. Our hope is to provide a valuable and hands-on experience to philanthropy.”

For questions or feedback, please contact Finance Director Betsy Hull at 815-748-5383 or betsy@dekalbccf.org.

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