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Please join us as we welcome Christine Johnson, Shabbona and Lee representative, to the DeKalb County Community Foundation Board of Directors. Christine served as Senator for Illinois’ 35th District (2 years) and currently serves as the DeKalb County Treasurer (22 years).

Christine grew up on a grain and cattle farm outside of Lee and attended Shabbona High School (present day Indian Creek). She received a B.A. in Journalism and Public Relations from Northern Illinois University (go Huskies!). Christine and her husband James live in Shabbona and have one grown son who resides in Milwaukee, WI.

Christine has a deep love and appreciation for each of the communities she represents. “Both areas are family-focused, tight-knit communities full of friendly and generous people,” she said. “The street signs in Lee are all Norwegian names and I just love that. Shabbona Lake State Park holds a fond place in my heart where people from all over can venture out and enjoy the tranquility of nature.”

Christine is a lifetime member of Calvary Lutheran Church and currently serves on the Church Council. She is also a member and past president of the DeKalb Rotary Club, President and chairs of the Illinois County Treasurers’ Association and former board member of the KishHealth Foundation. In her off time, Christine enjoys reading, gardening, scuba diving, travel, and any activities that involve family.

“I look forward to serving with a thoughtful and varied group of people who work in concert with our generous donors to provide resources to advance the quality of life for those living and working in DeKalb County. The joy that springs forth from the good works that are born of generosity are a pleasure to behold!” – Christine Johnson

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