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YEP Alumni – Where are they now?

Meet Rachel Hughes, recent member of Youth Engaged in Philanthropy (YEP) and a 2017 graduate of Genoa-Kingston High School. Rachel was in the YEP program for only one year, but her time was well spent and her leadership was well noted. Rachel is the daughter of current DeKalb County Community Foundation Board Member Todd Hughes (Genoa representative).

So where is Rachel now and did her one year in the YEP program provide any takeaways for life after high school? Let’s find out!

Meet Rachel Hughes

(Q) Who are you and where did you go to school?
(A) My name is Rachel Hughes, and I went to Genoa-Kingston High School, graduating class of 2017.

(Q) How many years were you in YEP?
(A) I was a member of YEP for one year

(Q) Where are you now and what are you up to?
(A) I attend University of Wisconsin-Stout studying Industrial design (Product design). I also play volleyball for the University. I loved my first season and look forward to continue playing with this team for years to come. While I’m back at home this summer, I plan to work for OC Creative in DeKalb, IL. Really excited for all I’ll learn from this group of creative professionals.

(Q) What’s a recent accomplishment you are proud of?
(A) I survived my first semester of college! 🙂 The course load is significantly greater than in high school, but these are classes I am greatly interested in, so it’s not too painful.

(Q) How did YEP shape what you are doing now?
(A) YEP taught me how to successfully collaborate and bounce around thoughts and ideas. I also learned how to discuss topics in more seriousness and how to talk through disagreements with peers!

(Q) What were some of your greatest takeaways from YEP?
(A) What I took away most from YEP was to be conscious of the community I live in and to see all the opportunities I have to better the lives of those around me.

(Q) How are you currently (or plan to in the near future) giving of your time, talent, and treasure?
(A) I put most of my time into being the best student and teammate that I can be so that someday I will be able to secure positions that make a difference. I also take advantage of service opportunities on campus so I can make an impact with my time here and make this experience more than just an education. One of my favorite things that I contribute to on campus are the bible studies and faith organizations that I attend and co-lead.

(Q) If you could pass on any knowledge or advice to current YEP members, what would that be?
(A) Know that what you do through YEP in the DeKalb County area will be applicable to any other communities that you land in throughout your life.

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