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Please join us as we give a big, heartfelt THANK YOU to Alethia Hummel for her time and service on the DeKalb County Community Foundation Board of Directors.

Alethia served on the Community Foundation board as the representative for the Sandwich community, a small town with a big heart for its citizens and organizations. As the executive director of the Sandwich Chamber, Alethia was well in tune with the ongoing needs and opportunities in the southeastern part of DeKalb County. Along with her knowledge of the community, Alethia brought with her an expertise in business and marketing, and made sure to bring warmth and a big smile to each and every meeting.

During her six years on the board, Alethia volunteered on a variety of Foundation committees including Marketing & Development, Community Grants, Strategic Planning, and Community Economic Development Grants. One of her favorites to serve on was the Economic Development Grant Committee. When asked what she enjoyed most she responded, “I have thoroughly enjoyed serving on the Economic Development Grant Committee because I was involved during its inception and could see the grant program develop and come to fruition. These grants will have great impact on communities that are looking to create economic development planning for their future.”

And for current and future members of the Community Foundation Board of Directors, Alethia had this piece of advice to pass along, “At many board meetings, there is a tour offered by the organization meeting host. If possible, take the time to go on these tours. You will be amazed by the work being done by these organizations.”

Alethia, her husband Tim, and their son recently moved to South Carolina where they will begin a new chapter in life. It’s exciting to know that no matter where she is, Alethia will continue to make a positive impact in her community.

Thank you, Alethia Hummel, for giving of your time, talent, and treasure to DeKalb County. You are a true philanthropist and for that, we are truly grateful!

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