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The third DeKalb County Watershed Bus Tour took place on Saturday, June 17, 2017. About 25 attendees joined us to learn more about watersheds in DeKalb County. Do you know where the South Branch of the Kishwaukee River begins? Do you know why some fields are untilled, but have crops beginning to grow? Do you know where the highest elevation in DeKalb County is? Do you know how urban stormwater management affects our rivers and watershed? During the tour, answers to these questions and many more were answered.

Funded by the DeKalb County Community Foundation, the watershed tour was made possible through the joining efforts of the DeKalb County Soil and Water Conservation DistrictNorthern Illinois University Depart of Geography, and the DeKalb County Watershed Steering Committee.

Tour stops included the headwaters of the South Branch of the Kishwaukee River, wetland, prairie, conservation and farmland best management practices, the Kishwaukee River Water Reclamation District wastewater treatment facility in DeKalb, the CHS Elburn plant in Sycamore, and examples of urban stormwater management projects.

Guiding the tour was Mike Konen, NIU Department of Geography and Dean Johnson DeKalb County Watershed Coordinator, and Resource Conservationist with the DeKalb County Soil and Water Conservation District.

The bus tour introduced participants to the South Branch of the Kishwaukee River. The Community Foundation is working with local partners and Applied Ecological Services to apply for an Illinois EPA grant for the next watershed planning process in the South Branch of the Kishwaukee River Watershed.

Did you know? The idea behind the watershed planning is much bigger than just bus tours and projects. Learn more about the CommunityWorks Land Use initiative and their goal for DeKalb County.

Watershed Bus Tour Photos:

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