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Promise Grants (Beca Promesa) To Benefit Community Organizations Serving Immigrants, Minorities, Literacy Needs

The Promise Grants Committee is accepting grant applications from charitable community organizations that provide services to underserved and marginalized people in DeKalb County. Promise Grants are supported by the DeKalb County Community Foundation and will distribute $3,000 among selected organizations before the end of the year.

Proposals submitted to the Promise Grants should inspire the community to build leadership skills and empower the underserved population in DeKalb County, especially recent immigrants. A portion of the Promise Grants are intended to support early childhood literacy through direct outreach services to underserved populations of children, from birth to kindergarten, and their parents.

The grant application deadline is November 11, 2016. Promise Fund Grant guidelines and application are available online. Contact Anita Zurbrugg, Program Director, at anita@dekalbccf.org  or 815-748-5383 with any questions.

Pictured: Marti Brown, a volunteer for the DeKalb Public Library, reads to children through the library’s Little Learners Outreach Program funded by a $2,000 Promise Grant in 2015.

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