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One of the most important partnerships for any nonprofit organization is the one with their board of directors. The DeKalb County Community Foundation strives to maintain that crucial partnership through communication and engagement, transparency, and shared interests in the mission and vision for DeKalb County.

The Foundation was created in 1993 by Charlie and Mary Roberts of DeKalb. Local attorney Ron Klein led the way as the first DeKalb County Community Foundation Board President, with Charlie and Mary serving as ex-officio members. The Board’s enthusiasm and hard work has been instrumental to the growth and county wide acceptance of the Foundation.

The Community Foundation Board of Directors is made up of 21 volunteer members. These individuals represent multiple areas of the county and bring with them a variety of skillsets, backgrounds, and talents. Responsibilities and duties of the board include determining the Foundation’s mission and purpose, ensuring effective planning, stewardship of funds and resources, ensuring legal ethical integrity and accountability, and enhancing the Foundation’s public image.

To maintain board engagement and effectiveness, six regular standing committees operate within the Foundation:  the executive committee, finance committee, governance committee, marketing & development committee, community grants committee, and the community initiatives committee. Foundation board members are also represented on the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership (DCNP) Steering Committee and with the Youth Engaged in Philanthropy (YEP) initiative. Finally, a Presidents Council consisting of the past board presidents as well as current board officers of the Foundation meets twice a year to stay current on its activities and offer feedback.

“Outstanding stewardship of the Community Foundation through its governance is critical to maintain trust with donors, grantees, and communities at large throughout DeKalb County” said Foundation Executive Director Dan Templin. “The Foundation staff are honored to work with a talented board that genuinely cares about our region’s quality of life and are focused on maintaining a strong Foundation for our future.”

There is Strength Through Partnership!

Pictured from left: Amie Carey; Donna Larson, President; Micki Chulick; Kristina Garcia; Dan Templin, Executive Director & Secretary; Frank Roberts, Vice President; Kevin Fuss, Treasurer


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