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Currently accepting Emergency Grant applications.

Emergency Grants

Emergency Grants, formerly known as Opportunity Grants, are available to assist local organizations in need of funding to meet emergency needs or for special time-limited projects. Grants are typically $250 to $2,000. A request for an Emergency Grant can be made at any time.

Priorities & Eligibility

Preference is given to organizations having 50l(c)(3) status as determined by the IRS. Emergency Grants assist non-profits and community organizations with a time sensitive or urgent funding need created by an unforeseen event that has or will significantly interrupt essential services.

Grant Restrictions

While the Community Foundation remains flexible in trying to meet community needs, in general, Emergency Grants are not awarded for:

  • Items considered part of the organization’s general operating expenses
  • Support of ongoing program costs
  • Direct personnel expenses associated with on-going programs
  • Meeting budget shortfalls
  • Providing direct financial assistance to individuals
  • Costs associated with programs or services provided to citizens outside of DeKalb County, Illinois
  • Sectarian or religious purposes
  • Any political campaign or to support attempts to influence legislative issues of a governmental body
  • Support for transportation, competition, awards or field trips for school or organizations

Applying for an Emergency Grant

All organizations must submit an Emergency Grant Application. Read the application carefully and submit all requested information. There is no deadline to apply for an Emergency Grant. Requests are reviewed on an as needed basis and a decision is usually made within two weeks from receipt of the application. Program staff may contact applicants for further information. For more information, please contact Program Director Anita Zurbrugg, at 815-748-5383, anita@dekalbccf.org, or Grants & Community Initiatives Manager Becky Zantout, at 815-748-5383, becky@dekalbccf.org.

The DeKalb County Community Foundation operates without regard to race, creed, color, sex, religion, marital status, age, national origin, ancestry, political affiliation, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status. All projects benefiting from Community Foundation grant funds must adhere to the same policy.