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CommunityWorks: Land Use Initiative


The CommunityWorks Land Use initiative goal is to provide reliable tools and resources that DeKalb County decision makers use to inform land use decisions that maintain, manage and protect water resources through a watershed approach.

DeKalb County Watershed Website  East Branch of the South Branch Kishwaukee River Watershed Plan


Land Use Grant, DeKalb County Community Foundation

During one of several stakeholder group meetings, local farmers examine maps to identify areas of concern within the watershed study area.

The DeKalb County Stormwater Management Planning Committee continues to work together with DeKalb County Community Foundation (DCCF) to identify opportunities to address flooding and stormwater management issues throughout DeKalb County. In 2012, DCCF partnered with DeKalb County government in securing $58,615 from the Illinois Environmental Protection Act to conduct watershed planning in a portion of DeKalb and Kane County. CommunityWorks funds provided a $30,000 cash match along with local in-kind resources to fund this $115,000 stakeholder-driven project. The 18-month project, coordinated by a 10-member Watershed Steering Committee representing the watershed area, is designed to address flooding and stormwater management issues in three sub-watersheds in western Kane County and east-central DeKalb County. This area includes the communities of Cortland, Maple Park and portions of Sycamore. DCCF’s primary role is to coordinate outreach opportunities within the community.

DeKalb County’s First Watershed Plan

As a result of the project, decision makers, including residents and county and municipal officials, have a prioritized list of projects to address or alleviate specific problems identified within the watershed. DCCF Land Use Steering Committee continues to work with the DeKalb County Watershed Steering Committee and Stormwater Management Committee to consider future watershed planning and implementation projects throughout DeKalb County.

For more information on watersheds in DeKalb County including plans, best practices, regulations and projects, visit the DeKalb County Watersheds website.

Watershed Improvement Project -Sycamore Park District

August 2016 – The Sycamore Park District watershed improvement project has been completed. Three new interpretative signs have been installed (tees 10, 13, 15) explaining the importance of watershed management and the positive effects. Several areas along the East Branch of the South Branch of the Kishwaukee River have been redeveloped to restore native plant species to the banks which will improve water quality and control erosion. After years of discussion, data collecting, and mapping, it’s exciting to see the first watershed improvement project completed.

October 2015 – We are happy to announce the beginning stages of the Sycamore Park District watershed improvement project. This project focuses on two river/riparian areas along the East Branch of the South Branch of the Kishwaukee River that runs through the Sycamore Golf Course. Immediate results will be improved water quality, erosion control, and restored native species. Education is another piece of this project including interpretative signs and other outreach in areas along the watershed.

CommunityWorks Land Use Grants are initiated by invitation only. For more information, contact Anita Zurbrugg, Program Director, 815-748-5383.