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DeKalb County Community Foundation, Board Member, Sycamore Depot

Marcia and Jack Goodrich work the landscaping during the Sycamore Train Depot renovation.

As we welcome two new board members, we must also say goodbye to a few. Thank you to Latricia Dawkins and Marcia Goodrich for their years of service to the DeKalb County Community Foundation and the greater community. We greatly appreciate the giving of your time, talent, and treasure.

As principal at Huntley Middle School and currently Littlejohn Elementary School, both located in DeKalb, Latricia Dawkins brought an education perspective to the Board. Latricia served on the Community Grants Committee, as liaison for the Youth Engaged in Philanthropy program, and supported the Community Foundation’s Workforce Development Initiative.

Marcia Goodrich, DeKalb, finished her 6-year term in 2016. Marcia was instrumental in her design ideas for the landscape around the Sycamore Train Depot, new home to the Community Foundation. Marcia served on the Marketing & Development Committee, Community Grants Committee, Land Use Committee, and as co-chair for the CommunityWorks Early Care & Education initiative.



DID YOU KNOW? A 21-member volunteer Board of Directors, selected from throughout the county, governs the DeKalb County Community Foundation. Each member brings with them a unique community knowledge, professional expertise, and a variety of talents. Because of the willingness of these able, effective individuals who donate their time and talents, the Foundation continues to grow and enhance the quality of life for DeKalb County.

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